Here are few of my favorite ways to harmonize with the earth during this time of Sacred Rest:

1. Turn off the tv.
Turning off the news was a significant moment for this former NPR/NYT/MSNBC obsessed “intellectual”. I became aware how negatively compulsively consuming the news was impacting my thoughts and emotions. The mainstream news profits from controlling our thoughts, and stoking anger and fear. The less you listen to anyone trying to tell you what to think and how to feel, the more you can hear yourself think. Turn off the noise.

2. Eat local fruits and vegetables in season.
Since our Get Fresh Produce Boxes launched in September, I’ve been eating almost exclusively local and in season and its making a huge difference in the way I’ve been eating, living and creating meals. Eating fruits and vegetables grown close to where we live means it's grown in a shared biome – the soil, environment and conditions they are grown in is the same as the one we live in. These foods then align with the cellular makeup of our physical body. Embracing the foods grown near us means we are eating what is intended for us to eat, at the time when we are intended to eat them. Not to mention - it just tastes so much better!

3. Starting the day with a sound bath.
Our bodies are made up of over 60% water. You know how sound vibrations affect water? That’s the same science that’s happening inside our cells when we have a sound bath. Starting my days with harmonized vibration is an easy meditation that helps me get grounded and focused. I’m digging this playlist that aligns with each chakra by Sonic Yogi.

4. Drink lots of tea.
I am hardly without a warming cup of tea these days. I drink it all day long. I love that its an easy way to get ongoing infusions of plant medicine. Our GFD Cozy Turmeric Tea is loaded with healing benefits and is absolutely dreamy. Here’s the recipe.

5. Listen to jazz from the original innovators.
Art heals. I don’t know what could be more grounding and nurturing to our chakra systems than A Love Supreme by John Coltrane. I play it as my background music while I'm working throughout the day. Truly divine. Here’s a link to a beautiful extended live version.