Fresh Takes

Our haul of local, high-quality produce is available weekly. Best of all, we require no commitments, so you have the flexibility to order only when is convenient for you. Our goal is to make plant-based living and eating in communities of color abundant, accessible, and affordable.

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Our Produce Box

At Get Fresh Daily, we take great pride in bringing quality food to every community. Fresh Takes is our answer to the need for incorporating fresh produce into your daily life, to help you live well and enjoy the bounty.

Just $25, our produce box makes farm fresh food accessible to everyone. Each week we curate a collection of the best produce available, to give you and your family plant based nourishment. Then, we create a recipe spotlighting one key offering from the box to take some of the work out of planning your weekly menu. Each box incorporates 7 key categories that support a wellness based lifestyle, and help to boost your immune system.

1.) Dark Leafy Greens [examples: arugula, kale or collards]

2.) Vegetables [examples: cauliflower, mushrooms or bok choy]

3.) Root Vegetables [examples: carrots, sweet potatoes or beets]

4.) Fruits: [examples: peaches, apples or watermelon]

5.) Herbs [examples: mint, dill or basil]

6.) Alliums [examples: onions, garlic, scallions or shallot]

7.) Immunity boosters [examples: lemons, ginger or turmeric]



*The produce included in each Fresh Takes box will change each week

Our Purveyors: Philly Foodworks

Philly Foodworks is an online market and farm share program that is dedicated to creating a sustainable local food system for the Greater Philadelphia region.

By partnering with Philly Foodworks, we provide their high-quality local produce to our members. All of it is grown by farmers in the region, and is harvested at peak freshness. Having started out as urban farmers themselves, they understand the rewards and challenges of growing food, and are committed to building a better distribution network between farmers/producers and consumers in our area.