Have you tapped into the power of crystals? As a stone of positivity and manifestation, your Citrine will hold the intention of what you want to grow in your life this season. To activate this energy, hold your Citrine in your left hand and ask yourself, what do I want to plant the seeds for in the coming months? Think of a project or goal that you want to manifest and clearly state the intention in full confidence and belief that it will happen. For example: By July, GFD’s [Creative] Wellness series will be fully funded and attended by over 150 people every week throughout the garden season. In the days and weeks to come, restate your intention whenever you hold your crystal. Keep it on your body (many women store crystals in their bras) as you carry out the steps required to make your intentions become reality. Your thoughts, words and actions have power. Use them intentionally to bring great things into existence. - From From GFD’s 10 Point Plan, which you can read anytime to guide your wellness practices. Note: Crystals don’t magically make your intentions come true. Aligning your intention with the energy of a particular crystal simply supports and magnifies your efforts. You still have to do the work!